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Welcome everyone to the Kindergarten blog today. We hope you’ve had a wonderful day like us. Let us share with you what we did today!

Our morning began outdoors with our usual favourite activities such as playing on the swing, riding bikes, playing in the sandpit and building with the various materials we have like the big wooden blocks.

We gathered inside for group time where we read a story called “Finding our heart” which is about making sure we are listening to the voices of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait island people who have been in Australia for a long time and understand what is important for the land and the people. The heart of Australia is in all the people who care for the land and want to see it looked after. This story inspired our artwork latter in the day where we did some dot paintings of Australia and wrote about what is important to us and what we remembered about the story.

We also baked some yummy chocolate and vanilla cupcakes in celebration for Coen’s birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday Coen enjoy being a big 5 year old!

Other activities we enjoyed today included;

  • Building and painting our own checkers board – Mr Andrew has a goal for all the children to try and learn checkers before the end of the year haha
  • Singing songs with props – Baa baa black sheep, Speckled frogs, 5 little ducks, monkeys on the bed
  • Music time – graduation song practice and other songs from New Zealand (in Maori)
  • Painting – free choice paintings
  • “Code breaker” game – using coloured counters to figure out each person’s special code

The children have been doing very well at exploring activities that interest them and asking the teachers for new experiences. These are great skills that will set them up for school in the future (independence, persistence, curiosity, confidence).

Thanks for joining us today and have a wonderful evening everyone!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess