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Welcome back families after a long Easter weekend. Hopefully your holiday was filled with lots of excitement and too much chocolate! The teachers were excited to be back and hear the children’s wonderful tales about their Easter Bunny encounters over the weekend.
Today in the Kindergarten class we did all of our normal morning routines such as the roll, good morning songs and calendar. It’s amazing to hear the children asking to do the months of the year song or days of the week song and they are getting very good at it now (we are even learning days of the week in sign language!). Understanding these concepts is great for self-identity (knowing your own birthday) and also navigating daily life e.g. “I go to Kindy on Tuesdays”.

For our next activity we read the story of Cinderella with some slideshow pictures in the background. Some were familiar with the story and knew what would happen next and others enjoyed hearing about the exciting tale and the fortune of Cinderella. These fairy tales capture the children’s attention and imagination and can often provide great moral lessons such as you should always be nice to others. The prince liked Cinderella the best because she was nice and not just trying to impress him with fancy things. This was a huge hit and the children asked for the story again and again.

Afterwards we decided to make a beautiful dress for Cinderella with a rainbow of colours and glitter. We have been getting lots of opportunities to practice skills like cutting paper and gluing them within specific shapes which is excellent practice for other skills like writing. Kianni said “I like the blue dress Cinderella had”, Harper noted “Cinderella would love this dress”. “It’s very flash” said Sonni while Astrid commented “It’s a beautiful dress, I wish I could wear this!”.

We have been practicing lots of dancing and music since our TikTok videos and the children have been excited to put together little dancing and singing pieces to show everyone. We have been practicing one song called “Colours of Australia” which is a song about how everyone looks different but on the inside we are the same. It is great for children at an early age to get exposure to these concepts as it will help with social skills and relationship building.

After our wonderful lunch of Pad Thai and vegetable salads we has some quiet relaxation time with books and puzzles and this is a wonderful social time for the children to relax and share their thoughts about what they are reading/looking at.
Our afternoon activities include a recycling sorting activity and we will decorate a big cardboard box to collect paper so we can start our paper recycling project in the classroom. The children love trying to spot the recycling symbol on different products and have thought of some creative ideas to reuse rubbish and recycling materials.

No doubt we will be outside later in the afternoon to stretch our arms and legs and challenge ourselves with ball games and obstacle courses and get some delightful sun. Thank you for another wonderful day and see you again soon!