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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Today we have been very busy bee’s in the Kindergarten room. A lot of energy amongst the class today!

We started our day outside playing with our friends. Riding bikes, making sandy strawberry cupcakes, swinging tirelessly on the swings and playing mission “who can kick the ball the highest!” among many other extraordinary imaginative children’s games.

Moving inside for morning tea, Carrot cake with seasonal fruit. After morning tea was cleared, it was time to have some fun! the children moved through out the room engaging in a variety of activities including mini worlds, art easels where the children were free to create any pictures their imaginations could create. The most common desire was notably to draw pictures of their lovely families with a wonderful stories behind what was happening in these pictures. Very fun and incredibly detailed accounts of both fictional (mainly the ones where the family traveled to outer space in rocket ships etc as much as I wish they can be true) and potentially actual accounts of memorable family times including memorable beach days, play time occurrences with mum dad and/or their siblings they have experienced. It was lovely to see the children light up when speaking of their family’s.

Lunch time came around and today we had crumbed tofu “nuggets” with hokien noodles, corn, tomatoe, green beans, carrot and lettuce. Anything with noodles is always enjoyed by the kids, a very sensory and fun experience for all (except Mr G and Miss Manuella when it came to clean up time. No food fights are ever had at Kindy but you could easily be fooled on noodle days!). Its great to see the children eating so well toady.

With lunch now complete it was time to rest. Beds where laid out for the children who were all given the option to have a sleep if they wished. This was very short lived today with the children getting approximately 45mins down time before their eagerness to resume more active activities got the better of them. So feeding their desire to explore on their path of discovery, activity stations were setup. Building towers, spaceships and cars with a variety of different style blocks, unleashing their inner artist with paints, reading books independently and/or listening to story time, the train set was also popular today. The best part of the day was seeing the children engage with one another and create fun and excitement from the simplest things.

Shortly we will have some afternoon tea then continue to inspire the children to explore and expand their developing minds with many more fun activities designed and inspired by what the children have been showing interest in. No two days are ever the same!

Happy Tuesday from all of us here in the Kindergarten room!



Mr G & Miss Manuella