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Hello families and welcome to Tuesday

I apologies I have had a few technical difficulties with today’s photos, they would not load correctly.

We have had an amazing day in Kindergarten with Layla bringing in her Mums medal from her recent competition. The medal was Miss Layla’s pride possession today and she loved showing everyone in the garden today.

Today we have also explored the human body as part of our current literacy exploration, we have looked at how the brain gives signals to our arms to make them work. Jaxon found this activity to be extremely funny as he tried to understand why this was happening and just how fast it happened.

We have also engaged in Yoga today exploring the different technics of Yoga. Today we read a story and this helped us to learn the different positions. The children have shown that they are strengthening their understanding of Yoga and the benefits that it can bring to their day. They have developed lovely friendships with their Yoga teacher as well.

We have had a lovely Tuesday and look forward to a great Wednesday.


Miss Sharon