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Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome to our blog today!

We had a nice quiet morning with a few friends doing some collage work, drawing castles, cutting out shapes and making patterns on their paper. After a few more friends arrived we tidied up and put our hats on to head outside. We have been fortunate there is a break in the rain today although it was still very humid so popular activities included playing on the shady swing, doing hula hoop and skipping games in the tree house and also some cricket underneath the shade of the tree.

As we came indoors we had a group time where we enjoyed an I spy book that Kianni brought. It was a great chance to practice language skills and confidence to describe locations such as top, bottom, left, right, in front of, behind, next to etc.

After delicious morning tea of yoghurt and fruit we asked the children what they would like to play with today and their choices included:

  • Immunity dice game – very popular at the moment as the children battle it out between the viruses and the immune cells (great for number recognition, adding, subtracting, learning about what makes our body healthy)
  • Avocado smash card game – great for number recognition, reactions times and working together to play a game
  • Making patterns with the natural materials – Henry and Arden used lots of different materials to make an amazing road and we even measured how long it was (2.7m long!)
  • Making playdough – the children love exploring measurement, mixing of ingredients and feeling the different textures

We managed to get outdoors again to have a small play in the playground before lunch.

In the afternoon we plan to play some board games and card games and have a big music session with instruments and different songs. We have also been practicing learning greetings in many different languages and drawing flags.

Thanks for joining us today.

Mr Andrew, Miss Otavia and Miss Simona