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Hello and welcome to our terrific Tuesday in the Kindergarten room.
Today Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcome our 18 friends with warm smiles.
This morning all children were having a ball riding the bikes, playing in the sandpit, building awesome car ramps and even letting their imagination side out as they participated in the activity Miss Jess set up outside for all to enjoy. There were three cups, one cup had PVA glue and the other two had loose parts to stick on. All friends really enjoyed doing this on the easel outside.
After our morning fun we headed inside for morning tea and soon after we had filled our tummies we headed for the group time mat to go through what we would get up today, we sang our days of the week song which we are doing AMAZING at and we also went through our calendar.
This morning Mrs A visited us who will be with us each Tuesdays in the morning. She will be the teacher for art therapy in the Kindergarten room. Mrs A has written up and left a copy of information about what she does, the benefits and a bit about herself. In todays session they started off with a song before getting into the playdough to explore the feel of it, to then hide pebbles inside the playdough and soon they got to use their imagination to create anything they wanted using the playdough, shells, straws and pebbles that were provided. The children absolutely loved this! We can’t to see Miss A again next week and the children look forward to it!
We also had Mr Trevor come in today to do a demo of tennis with us all, all Kindergarten children enjoyed doing tennis and lots of smiles were shared. They all used really good hand and eye coordination to hit the ball with the tennis racket. Next week we will see Mr Trevor again. Miss Jess put the slips from Mr Trevor into your child’s bag nice and safely.
This afternoon our friends enjoyed spending the last of their afternoons outside having so much fun exploring the outdoors with their friends.
Thankyou Kindergarten for today,
See you all soon,
Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.