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Welcome family and friends to our day in the Kindergarten Room.
This morning Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcomed our 13 friends with open arms and big smiles 😊

We also welcomed our new friend Leo who has settled so well in Kindergarten and made lots of new friends! He has had a great day!!
To start the morning off we had a great morning play outside! We made sure we all slip, slopped and slapped some sunscreen on our face, arms, legs and necks and put our hat on as we assure, we are being sun smart when being outside, especially when it’s getting warmer.
Miss Jess played “What time is it Mr Wolf” with her Kindergarten friends as well as P.K and S.K. Everyone had so much fun and so many laughs and smiles were shared as we played so happily!
Henry and Reid liked throwing the ball back and forth to each other practicing their hand and eye coordination while Braxton, Mace, Sunni and Leo enjoyed swinging on the swing.
All other friends had fun playing with their friends as well as teachers.

Soon enough it was time to come inside, all children came in and sat on the green mat waiting for Mr Andrew and Miss Jess for some lovely group time. Mr Andrew went through some classroom rules with our friends who helped with them too. We also talked about what we would be doing today and the activities that have been planned.
After group time our friends waited to hear their name before heading to wash their hands to get ready for morning tea.

After morning tea, we helped clean up before we started one of the activities that Mr Andrew got ready for us, which was tracing the template of the boomerang before we cut it out to dot paint. All friends participated in this and really enjoyed it. Mr Andrew spoke to our friends about how the fires have impacted the koalas and that most of their trees/ homes are burnt down. So, we decide to make our own trees out of paddle pop sticks, crate paper and our little key ring koalas. All friends rather enjoy craft time.

It was then time for lunch time!!! Our friends were keen to get some delicious food into their growing bodies! When they finished eating it was then time to get ready for rest time. During rest time we assure we are resting our bodies by doing either a quiet activity or to have a lay down on a bed.

This afternoon we were all energised and ready to have a great afternoon! When we all finished afternoon tea we headed outside to have so much fun with our friends before heading home.

What a great day it has been!
Thankyou Kindergarten and see you all soon.
Mr Andrew and Miss Jess 😊

P.S Just a little reminder that we are having our Aussie BBQ for our bushfire fundraiser this THURSDAY 23RD OF JANUARY. Starts at 5pm and finishes at 6PM. LOCATION – BOTTOM CENTRE FOR ALL SENIOR CHILDREN.