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Welcome to our Tuesday blog everyone!

Today we enjoyed lots of fun activities both indoors and outdoors and the focus was on team work games. After some outdoor play with balls, bikes and climbing equipment we came indoors for a story and some morning tea. After eating we settled into some table activities which included some puzzles, colouring and games like Bingo and Go Fish. The children have been doing really well at making independent choices for what they want to play with. They have been playing nicely with their friends and have been doing such a great job at tidying up afterwards and keeping the classroom tidy.

Just before lunch we headed outdoors where Theo, Leo, Kianni and Charlie enjoyed some tennis with Coach Trevor and the others played some teamwork games in the tree house including one where everyone had to hold hands with two people opposite them and the children had to try and untangle themselves and make a circle. It proved very tricky and we may have to try again with smaller groups in the afternoon. The “caterpillar” game worked wonderfully though and the children had lots of fun racing each other to make their “caterpillar” reach the finish line.

Thanks for joining us today.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

The “Caterpillar” game

The “tangle” game