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3 sleeps until Christmas and the children are excitedly telling their friends about their plans for Christmas time. We have had an awesome day here with lots of little laughs and jokes. The children played a game of “Asher or Zander” as the boys hid around the corner and tried to come back and fool everyone about who was who.

We were busy this morning with another game of team bowling which the children enjoyed from yesterday. They quickly found the best techniques to knock the pins over which shows that they were paying attention and learning. Afterwards, Xavier, Arden and Theo made a little ramp for the bowling ball and tried to jump it through a hole to knock some pins over which was a tricky challenge so well done to them for persisting.

It was an arts and craft day today as the children glued some sequin pieces onto their Christmas trees and cut them out. It was great fine motor skill practice to place the sequins and also cut around the tree outline. Later in the day we did some colouring in of some Christmas themed pictures and again the children showed great concentration and persistence to colour the pictures in the most interesting way they could.

We brought out the slime from yesterday and the mixture was a lot stickier today after adding water. Ellie, Charlotte and Kianni enjoyed scooping the slime around in their bowls and exploring how it goes hard when it is still and compacted and slimy when it moves.

We had some more face painting again from the talented Miss Jess and the children love getting all dressed up and painted to act out their Christmas fantasies.

Tomorrow we will be having a movie so make sure to sign the permission sheet in the foyer next to the sign in tablet if you would like your child to watch the movie!

P.S we will be handing out “tickets” for the children to look after and redeem at the movie time so look after these (they will be on the foyer wall by reception for our children only coming tomorrow. There will also be some spare ones there too just incase)

Thanks for joining us today and have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess