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Greetings everyone and welcome to our blog today. We had a medium size class of 14 today who were all excited to begin the day and explore what was on offer.

In the outdoors this morning we had a few extra pieces of equipment out to challenge the children’s physical skills including dinosaur stilt walkers and the croquet set. The croquet extended on our interest in racket games and Mace and Braxton particularly enjoyed this activity this morning.

As we came indoors the children quickly settled into little groups ready for morning tea. It is great to see so much mixing and the children being willing to sit with anyone, I think we are growing a really close classroom here in the Kindergarten class which is great to see. Genevieve, Hazel and Leo in particular did lots of activities together today which was great to see.

At group time we had a special surprise, Henry brought the share bag and showed the class some pictures of his little sister inside his mother’s tummy. He told everyone about the procedure and how they had to use a special camera. This prompted lots of questions and was exactly how the chare bag experience should go. Well done Henry for sharing that with us and answering everyone’s questions.

Our focus today was on memory games so we had a few activities set up to challenge the children’s memory including reading a story where they had to remember the 10 animal characters, remembering what pictures were on the chalkboard in the morning and recalling them after Henry did his share bag and also Kim’s game where you have some objects and take one away to see if the children can remember what went missing. Reid, Eva and Harper were particularly good at this game and have played it lots of times before.

Just before lunch we headed into the tree hut to do some number games, a wheelbarrow game (which was the favourite game today) and also candlesticks. Afterwards we had some free play outdoors and chasing Mr Andrew around the playground became the new fun activity haha.

In the afternoon we will do some estimating games like guessing how many animals are in the jar or counters in the tray. We have been doing lots of number practice recently and the children are doing really well at engaging with these activities.

This morning we had a SPECIAL ITEM which we asked the children to try and remember at the end of the day so ask them tonight if they can remember the special item which is pictured in the blog (it was the disco ball!).

Thanks for joining us today and have an awesome rest of you day.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

The special item that the children had to remember

The ticked items are the ones that the children rememebred

They remembered every animal character from the book except the dog

Kim’s game

Painting aboriginal style artworks