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Hello and welcome to our day in the Kindergarten Room!
Welcome back from the long weekend, hope you all had a lovely one.
What a fantastic day it has been! Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcome in 15 awesome friends into the room, we also welcome a new friend Sonni too and what a great day he has had for his first day!
What a journey it has been on this Tuesday.
We started the journey off outside! Enjoying adventuring outside with our friends! The bikes were a hit today with some of our friends while others found the sandpit and swing to be their choice of fun.
It wasn’t long before mother nature decided to share some lovely rain with us! Instead of rushing inside we went up carefully into the tree house where it was sheltered! Miss Donna and Miss Jess sang songs and read books until the rain had passed and was safe to go back down. Soon enough it was time to come inside for group time! Mr Andrew read us a book before asking us what we did on the long weekend! Hazel said she went shopping!! Reid said he went camping and 4WD with his mum and dad! So many friends were so eager to say what they did on the weekend, it was so nice to hear 😊
After group time we got ready to have morning tea, after we fulfilled our tummies, we headed off to play with activities set up on the table or activities that they chose to play with.
At the tables we set up drawing, connecting blocks, counting with pebbles activity and a pattern activity with the loose parts which were rocks, shells and wooden parts. Some friends also enjoyed playing in home corner, reading books, role playing with the dress ups and doll house. Mr Andrew also did a fun song on the carpet called “Tapping Sticks” most friends enjoyed doing this and it helps with our concentration skills!
It was really wonderful to see great teamwork displayed during the day and in activities! Braxton also showed wonderful helping skills along with Hazel as they helped clean up after morning tea this morning.
So much fun was had throughout the day today!
Thankyou Kindergarten for today,
See you all soon!
Mr Andrew and Miss Jess 😊