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Welcome to our awesome Tuesday here in the Kindergarten class.

Today we started off the day with the wonderful Miss Lyn and Miss Otavia. We had free play activities and our favourite group time activity the “Jellyfish game” where we draw the legs, the children have to guess how many there are then we count and write the number on the Jellyfish’s head. It is great for number recognition and an overall very fun game.

We also drew some animal/monster posters which the children had to present to the class. This was a great opportunity to practice speaking in front of a group and develop verbal language skills and confidence. We will display them on the walls after our presentations.

Outdoors we had a few different activities available. Coach Trevor took his tennis recruits and the others enjoyed some fun catching games in the tree hut like the “castle game” or catching the “chickens”.

In the afternoon we plan to utilise the afterschool playground again for some more active play before we come indoors for music and other free play activities.

Thanks for joining us today.

Miss Lyn, Miss Otavia and Mr Andrew