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Greetings everyone and welcome to our blog today. We had a few children away today so we had a nice small group and we were able to do lots of cool activities. Reading books was very popular today and Miss Jess had some small groups reading a variety of different books including wombat stew.

Our focus today was on our food and where it comes from. We did some matching games like drawing lines to connect the food from its source and also some matching cards where the children had to match the pictures of the fruit/vegetable and where it comes from. Afterwards we had an exciting fruit and vegetable hunt in the playground where the children had to find pictures of fruit and vegetables based on where they could be found in nature (e.g. apples in the trees, watermelons on the ground). Each food item had a number next to it that the children had to write to check they actually found it. The children loved this activity and it helped reinforce some ideas that we were learning earlier in the day.

In the afternoon we explored some scissor cutting and collage activities to practice some more fine motor skills. The children are making some wonderful creations and getting better every week with what they are able to create.

Hopefully the weather stays warm and dry enough for us to get outdoors again to practice some more soccer skills and release some more energy.

Thanks for joining us today and we looked forward to sharing more with you soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess