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Welcome to our wonderful Tuesday in the Kindergarten class. Today we had lots of inquisitive play from the children and they were full of questions which shows that their brains are active and working.

We read an interesting story today called “what’s more scary?” where a little boy went on an adventure and had to make lots of choices to escape fearsome monsters. Reid asked why the birds were sitting on the Rhino’s back and so we googled a big word called “symbiotic” relationships which means that the animals work together. We figured out that the birds eat the bugs that bother the rhino and that the rhino offers protection and food for the birds. The children love to watch new videos and hear new information like that and it sparks lots of great discussions.

For our science experiment today we created some “wingless aeroplanes” using straws and loops of paper. We discussed lots of the properties of planes and what helps vehicles to fly. This was a tricky activity that took lots of fine motor skills like cutting tape and then sticking pieces together. The children have been working hard at practicing their cutting skills and have made some awesome creations. Hopefully we are able to send some artwork out to the families soon as we have an awesome collection from the children.

The children really enjoy our daily games in the tree hut as well and we practiced lots of throwing games and some number games too where they had to get into a group of the number that was called out e.g. groups of 4. The children were laughing away and crashing around trying to quickly get into a group. I have seen lots more laughter and positive play between the children which is great to see and they are beginning to respect each other’s space and their wishes.

In the afternoon we got to play in the back playground by the car park and the children loved interacting with the younger ones and running around in the free space.

Thank you for reading our blog today and see you again soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess