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Today we had our very first Chinese/Mandarin lesson with Charlie from pre-kindy’s mum Miss Jess. We learnt the Chinese words for hello, thank you and my name is …We each took turns practising the words, cheering and clapping each other on. We also read a story about the dragon of Chinese New Year. We found this book very interesting, asking lots and lots of questions about the dragon and about the inclusion of the colour red. Next, we were very excited to make our very own dumplings. We first watched Miss Jess to see what we would have to do and then carefully took our time to make our very own dumplings. Taran sped through this activity, making lots and lots of dumplings, all ready to be cooked, “They smell yummy already”. We enjoyed them for afternoon tea today and they were delicious! Thank you Miss Jess, we can’t wait for our next lesson!

We spent our morning outside today. Emerson and Zachary enjoyed riding the bikes, racing each other around the yard, squealing with delight after every race – even when they didn’t come first.  Rosie, Ivy and Miss Shannan spent some time together drawing. Ivy drew pretty rainbows, flowers and butterflies, with lots of bright colours. Rosie wanted to draw a picture of herself, asking Miss Shannan to draw with her. First, she described her dress to Miss Shannan who drew exactly what she said, with Rosie then adding arms, legs and a face. The girls were both very proud of their pictures, placing them straight in their bags to take home.

Inside we made some Ooblek. Miss Shannan put cornflour and water onto the trays and then the children mixed it all together. Harper laughed and said that it tickled her fingers when she mixed it. She liked squishing her fingers down into the goo and wiggling them about. Rosie suggested making the Ooblek red like the story and so Miss Shannan quickly grabbed some food dye. Ella found that the slower she moved her fingers, the easier it all mixed together ‘it doesn’t get stuck!’. She slowly swirled her hands on the tray, mixing the red into the goo. Macy laughed as she smacked the ooblek and it felt hard, but then when she left her hands still the ooblek went liquid. The children all found that very interesting and testing it out themselves. Luna wanted to “keep playing all day” “its smooshy” and asked to do it again tomorrow. So tomorrow, we will investigate ooblek again, perhaps adding new elements to the mix.

Don’t forget tomorrow is our Ocean Stars show. If you haven’t already completed a permission form, Miss Nads will have some in the foyer.

Thank you for another lovely day in the Kindy two room!

Miss Shannan ☺️