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We decided to spend some extra time outside in the big yard this morning. Miss Shannan, Tate, Hendrix and Ryan, found a nice spot under the trees to have a yarn. We talked about lots of different things; our brothers and sisters, our pets and what we wanted to do today at kindy. We then explore the colours in our environment; spotting the colours of cars driving past, the different colours on our clothes and went and found toys in our yard in certain colours. Hendrix found yellow, blue and green on his clothes, Ryan spotted a yellow car and an orange car, and Tate showed us his blue shoes and blue, orange and red scooter.

Since we had such beautiful weather this morning, we decided to have a picnic outside under the trees. We sat on a big mat, enjoying both each other’s company and the cool breeze blowing through our yard. We went straight inside after morning tea and the children enjoyed some calm time after a busy morning in the big yard. Some of the children chose themselves books and sat down on the mat with them, with others deciding to cosy up on the queen chair and in quiet corner. After this many of children began a game of families; with cars made of chairs all lined in a row, bedrooms for the babies and children, and even a stop at the shop to buy food. There was lots of creativity and free-flowing imaginative thinking to be seen.

Macy brought in a colouring book that she received for her birthday. Macy and Luna sat down at the table, working through the pictures together.

Outside, Miss Shannan read the words to the story as Emerson found the characters in his book. Many friends soon gathered around to both watch and join in. Zachary and Emerson began to work together to find all the characters in the story, racing to find them as fast as they could.

Harper had lots of fun with the puzzle piece connectors, connecting them together to create something ‘Very, very big!’. Ella and Ivy explored their creativity outside. Ella told Miss Shannan she was painting a tree. Ivy said she was painting her hands so that she could spread out the paint onto the paper.

After we had lunch today, we came inside for some yoga and puzzles before resting on our beds. Millie really enjoyed this, asking to do yoga twice instead of the puzzles.

What a beautiful day!

See you again soon,

Miss Shannan 😊