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Welcome to our Thursday in the Kindergarten Two room!

Today in group time we discussed how there are many Indigenous Australian groups that are located all around Australia and how they all speak different languages.  In addition to our Acknowledgement in Yugambeh, today the children learnt the words in Yugambah for ‘Here I am’, which is ‘Gaga gi now’. When marking the role, the children practised their new learnt words, with big smiles spreading across their faces as they proudly said the new words.

Following on from yesterday’s reading of ‘Tiddalick the Frog’, we read the story of ‘The Rainbow Serpent’. The children have been really enjoying the increased inclusion of the Indigenous Culture in our daily routine, curiously asking lots of questions regarding the stories and various aspects of the Aboriginal culture.

Morning tea today was French Toast, which was devoured as quickly as it was served. After the children cleared and packed away their plates from morning tea, they set out for various activities around the room.

Christopher and Riley explored each and every animal in the room, lining them up from smallest to biggest “the strongest ones are here”. Owen, Emerson and Bonnie played families with the different doll’s houses. Laughter and dramatic crying could be heard from the different characters in their little rooms.

Out on the veranda the children collaboratively and proudly painted their own rainbow serpent. Working together they decorated the serpent in various patterns and colours all the way from head to tail. Ryan adored this activity, being the first one to join the painting session and the last one to leave. He noted all of the colours he was using and creating as he blended them together upon the snake. The children also continued on with their boomerang paintings, eagerly decorating away.

Out in the yard, Riley demonstrated his speed to his friends. He crouched down and looked up at Miss Shannan “Miss Shannan, can you say ready, set, go?”. So, “Ready! Set! Go!” Riley went speeding around the yard, lap after lap. Soon he stopped and collapsed down on the floor with a cheeky smile “I need a sleep now”. Taran and Ella had lots of fun transforming the obstacle course balance beams into two see-saws. The raced each other from one to the next, squealing and laughing together.

Out in the sandpit the group spent some time together, though all working individually on different creations. Hendrix was digging and carving out a river system in the sand. Ivy soon joined in to help, and they snaked the rivers around their spots in the sandpit. Nearby, Macy was cooking a tasty pizza, squishing the dough down and sprinkling cheese on top.

Out on the veranda this afternoon the children enjoyed some time manipulating the spinning wheels on their tracks and building with the giant Lego.

Thank you everyone for another brilliant day!

See you soon,

Miss Shannan😊