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Welcome back to another wonderful week in the Kindergarten Two room.

We have been continuing with our developing knowledge of the concept of voting. This implementation has created a great talking point for the children and settles any conflicts before they even arise. Today we had a vote on which days of the week song we were going to sing, and on which colour we would make our playdough. Upon the conclusion of group time, we had a quick discussion on hair colour, and used this as our transition to the bathroom to wash our hands for morning tea. Hendrix – My hair is orange! Ivy – Mine too!

After a delicious morning tea, the children packed away their dishes and moved on to morning activities. Hendrix went straight to the craft area, selecting paper and scissors, he set to work making a boat sail. “Can I have some sticky tape please; I’m going to stick it all together”.

Armin and Ivy were very intrigued by the shoe tying activity. Both spending time experimenting with the way they laced the strings up, looping them up the shoes. With some assistance from Miss Shannan and Miss Steph, they both completed the shoes and made a tie at the top.

Taran suggested we make some playdough today, “I’m going to make an ice-cream!”. At the tables the children rolled and manipulating the dough between their fingers, strengthening their muscles and creativity along the way. Harper said she going to make a star, “It lives in the ocean”.

Over on the mat, a small town was being constructed. Bonnie and Owen were busy taking residency in the doll’s house and Tate was busy taking care of the police and fire stations. He was lining up, racing and ordering the cars, trucks and helicopter in and around the buildings.

Rosie was very busy in home corner today. She was cooking lots of delicious meals to share with her peers. She mixed a salad and baked some tasty bread.

Outside the children participated in a yoga session with miss Hayley, strengthening their minds, bodies and spirits. Out in the yard the children also practiced their throwing and catching skills as they passed and kicked the football around to each other. This game was lots of fun and brought forth many conversations between the children and Miss Shannan.

Thank you, Miss Shannan 😊