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Armin was busy in home kitchen today. He collected two baskets and filled them with lots of food and then asked Miss Shannan to go on a picnic. They had to walk past the Gruffalo and hide in the forest to eat their picnic.

Ivy and Harper were moving houses. They were packing up the home corner, collecting baskets of food and moving to “Aunty house”. They then went and collected their bags from outside and marched around on room on their trip.

Owen built a hamster wheels out of the star connectors. He built the layers in different colours, linking them all together and showing the invisible hamster inside.

Macy was busy with the doll’s house today. She carefully manipulated all the furniture into the house, stacking beds upon beds and chairs onto tables, before closing the cubby house doors and moving it to a different place in the room.

Tate and Taran enjoyed playing with the marble run today. They built many different set ups with the run pieces, creating some that were loopy, some that were straight and fast and others wound around and around.

In celebration of RSPCA cupcake day, the children excitedly baked their own cupcakes today. With the help of Miss Shannan, they went through the ingredients, carefully measuring them out into the bowl. Hendrix and Bonnie stated that the dough looked like playdough when they first started mixing it. The children all eagerly took turns to mix the batter together, making lots of comments for how excited they were to try them when they were cooked. Later in the afternoon the children all chose their own food colouring and added it to the icing in their bowl, mixed it together and then applied it to the tops of their cupcakes. “MMmm delicious!’.

Lots of beautiful, colourful masterpieces were made today. The children self-selected the craft pieces and paints that they wanted before hastily getting to work on their designs. They practiced their colour identification as they blended colours together and identified what they had created. Ivy – “This is brown now”, Owen – “I made purple”.

At the other table the children practiced their colour identification skills. They organised the coloured objects and creatures into their correct column, stating what they were. Harper – “That’s not orange, that’s red”, Taran – “This one is brown”.

Thank you,

Miss Shannan  😊