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Today we welcomed Owen, Hendrix, Ella, Ryan, Macy, Bonnie, Harper, Riley and Christopher to Kindy 2. After completing our Acknowledgement to Country and marking the roll and the children discussed with Miss Lyn what they had for breakfast. They took turns explaining what they had before picking someone to go next. They then played a memory guessing game to transition to morning tea. In this game the children used their concentration and attention to detail as they identified what toy was missing from under the sheet.

In home corner today, the children were busy engaged in a role-playing activity. They each took on different dramatic roles and performed household chores that they had seen at home. While caring for the babies, changing their nappy, and dressing them, they cleaned the house, washed the dishes and prepare many meals for the babies and children.

Over with the Lego, dinosaur enclosures were being constructed. Combing both the dinosaur set and the Lego blocks, the children transformed the Lego floor square into individual dinosaur houses.

Ryan was busy practising his Recycleman skills in the sandpit. He carried a bucket around the yard and was filling it was small scraps of paper and rubbish that he was finding. He then took the bucket to Miss Manuela and explained “I am saving the planet”.

Ella and Riley were racing each other up and down the slides, testing their speed and nimbleness as they held out their arms and legs to grip to the inside of the slide.

Harper and Owen were treasure hunters. Together they scoured the yard for any hidden treasure, searching in the tunnels, the slides, in the gardens and climbing to the top of the hill for the best view of the yard.

Macy and Bonnie were busy cooking in the sandpit kitchen. Macy was making trips to the tap to collect water for the food, while Macy kept speedily stirring the pot on the stove.

Hendrix and Christopher displayed their growing muscles as they swung back and forth across the monkey bars. They each took turns to go across and back while the other counted the amount of monkey bars reached.

Thank you everyone for a lovely day,

Miss Shannan 😊