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Inside Macy and Luna created their own little city. With carparks, houses, parks and animals, their little world was set up and ready for exploration.

Owen and Bonnie also enjoyed lots of small world play. They travelled between the kitchen and house play areas, before collecting all of the plants and grass mats from the room and bringing their horses and animals to life.

Tate and Hendrix built themselves a fort on the queen chair. They gathered all of the pillows and dolls blankets and piled them on top of themselves until were cosily tucked away.

Armin enjoyed using the interlocking blocks today. He created many rockets and flying robots. He stretched his arms out to his sides to show Miss Shannan how his arms now looked just like the rocket’s wings.

The children experimented in creating their very own playdough and slimes today. Miss Shannan placed all of the ingredients needed on the table and the children quickly set to work testing their own playdough recipes; a pinch of this and that and a squeeze of this. Each of the children started with their own container to mix their recipe, there was lots of trial-and-error methodology occurring as the children added more of each ingredient until they reached a consistency that they liked. They later decided to combine everything together to see what the dough would do. The children really enjoyed this experience, especially trying all of their peers ‘sticky icky’ and ‘crusty’ doughs, even asking Miss Shannan to make some as well and then combine hers as well to their ooey-goey mix.

Outside the children also engaged in a painting experience. Emerson, Harper, Taran and Ivy all discussed that they were going to paint their own rainbows. It was lovely to see the different interpretations of the rainbows and the individual creativity each of the children displayed. At first the children enjoyed expressing their creativity through their paintings on paper, until Miss Shannan offered pinecones to be possibly painted. The children were quick to accept and spent time manipulating the pinecones to cover all of the sides with colour.

During lunch, Rosie asked if we would do yoga during rest time and if so, could we do a monkey one. Miss Shannan searched cosmic yoga for a monkey themed experience and sure enough, found one. Rosie and her peers were very excited when they realised it was a singing and dancing yoga, following along with beautiful voices and stylish moves.

Thank you everyone, see you again tomorrow.

Miss Shannan 😊