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Welcome back everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

Here’s a little snip-it of what we got up to today in the Kindergarten Two room.

Hendrix and Bonnie cosied up together on the couch this morning having a chat while Owen built a cubby around them. The cubby soon stretched out across the mat, meeting up with Armin and Taran’s cubby. Hendrix and Bonnie remained sitting up on the couch, commentating on the construction taking place. Armin decided to bring some puzzles over into his puzzle, where he persistently worked away.

Rosie collected various craft pieces and situated herself at the craft table. She was busy using her pinch grip and fine motor skills to pop the circles out from the paper and glue them onto the page. Taran came over to investigate what Rosie was doing, “Can I do that too?”. Rosie showed her where she sourced the craft pieces and they soon worked side by side on their creations. Upon finishing their craft, they extended on their developing numeracy skills as they counted all of the red dots stuck down on their page. Rosie – “I have 14”, Taran – “I have 7”.

Tate and Macy went straight from morning tea to the pizza kitchen. They worked together to cook and serve “yummy pizza”. They soon brought out the baby dolls, dressing them and sitting them up at the table for dinner, where they raced back to the kitchen to serve them dinner. Tate – “Here’s the food for the babies”. Macy – “I need to wash these dishes”. Harper and Ivy soon joined in with the imaginative and dramatic play, Harper – “My baby is smiling at you”. Ivy, “Miss Shannan, my baby is really tired. I need to put her to bed”.

The children took turns completing a sea animal number sequencing activity this morning. On the table were different sea animals, each with a different number. The children identified the numbers 1-10 and lined them up in order, counting them out as they went. This activity was a great extension of the children’s developing numeracy skills, as they not only identified the numbers on the animals but made connections written and verbal counting and the sequencing of numbers.

Out at yoga today, the children played various calming instruments with Miss Hayley. They patiently waited for their friends to have a turn as the instrument went around the circle. They also really enjoyed the bubble game. In this game the children each selected a bubble to follow around the yard, and when they were ready, they could then pop it. They repeated this activity multiple times, chasing bubbles all around the yard, focusing their attention on the bubble. To end yoga, we thanked the sky and the ground, and made thanks for yesterday and for tomorrow.

Baugull wanyi (thank you) and Nya-nyah-bu (see you again)