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Today we welcomed Macy, Harper, Emerson, Ella and Tate to Kindy 2. After completing our Acknowledgement to Country and marking the roll, Miss Shannan read the story “Turtle’s song”. Before reading the book Miss Shannan asked the children what they thought that the book may be about. Tate – A little turtle. Emerson – An Aboriginal Turtle because its really pretty and cool looking. At the end of the book were lots of pictures of the different types of turtles. Macy liked pointing out the differences in the turtles, “This one has white and a pink belly”. Harper – There are dots too.

We then completed a singing transition to the bathroom. Sang to the tune of bah bah black sleep, the children took turns to each pick a colour. Ella was the first to transition and she chose the colour pink. Miss Manuela sang to her “Bah bah pink sheep, have you any wool. Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. One for the master and one for the dame and one for Ella who lived down the lane”. This song was repeated for each of the children and their chosen colours.

After we enjoyed a tasty morning tea together, filled with lots of discussion and laughter. Miss Manuela set up a science experiment on the veranda. The experiment was called ‘Diving Raisins’. The children learnt that mixing bicarbonate soda and vinegar creates carbon dioxide and the bubbles created by this attach to the raisins and carry them up to the surface before popping and falling back down again. We completed the experiment three times, first with water, secondly with bicarb and vinegar and finally with lemonade. The children each made predictions before each experiment as to whether they thought the raisins would sink, float or both. Once they completed their experiment, they then had a discussion as to whether their prediction was correct or not and what really happened. This experience brought up many discussions with the children and even introduced them to new language. They also extended on their numeracy skills as they helped to count out the raisins and add them to each of the cups.

Next the children engaged in a sock bunny making activity. They each picked a sock from the basket and began wadding it full of stuffing. Once it was full, they handed the socks to Miss Shannan and Miss Manuela, and they assisted the children in tying the rubber bands around the socks. Next, we sewed on a coloured pom-pom for a nose and added eyeballs and a neck ribbon. The children were all so excited to make and then play with their sock bunnies. They all named them and continued to carry them around in play for the remainder of the day.

This afternoon the children asked to build a cubby house. Miss Shannan borrowed the tepee from the room next door and explained to the children that they would have to be careful when they lean against it, as one of the poles was broken. After it fell down multiple times and Miss Shannan had helped to rebuild it, the children all worked together on their own, each holding a different side of the tepee, moving it around until it stayed standing on its own. They jumped up and down in excitement when they got it to stay standing and began to laugh when it quickly fell over and that had to start again. The children collaborated with ideas and strategies, discussing their next moves and what they needed each other to do as they worked together.

Just a quick reminder, as it is beginning to get quite hot throughout the day, can all children please be in sun safe clothing with their shoulders covered. Also can you please ensure you are putting sunscreen on your child as they enter the yard of a morning. Sunscreen is located on the water bottle trolley. Thank you.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful day, see you again soon.

Miss Shannan😊