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We had a wonderful Monday in the Kindergarten room today. We celebrated Taran’s birthday and completed many child-led learning and play experiences.

We voted on our days of the week song this morning. Between the chicken, blue song and the witch, the children voted for the chicken song. They practiced their whisper, loud and singing voices as they went through the days of the week with Mrs Chicken. We then practiced our number recall and gross motor movements as we counted from 1-100 while completing various movements. We stretched up high, bent down low, did shoulder shrugs and arm rolls. The children loved this experience, requesting to do it twice. We then transitioned to the bathroom to wash our hands for morning tea, the children hopped on one foot all the way from the mat to the bathroom door.

The children experimented with clay today. Using pink modelling clay and little face accessories, the children extended their imagination and creativity as they made many little characters and little worlds for them. Ivy – I made mum. Armin – This is Mr Happy Face. Rosie – I made Mr Potato Head. Bonnie – Mine has really big eyes! Tate – He’s got big shoes!

Outside on the veranda, Macy and Luna were the first to extend upon their risk taking and hand-eye coordination as they participated in the nail and hammer activity. Selecting different shaped pieces from their trays, they manipulated them around on the board, before securing them with the nails.

Hendrix requested to listen to “Olaf singing” today. Once it was on the speaker, Hendrix jumped straight up from what he was doing and grooved along to the music, singing to his friends as he made his way around the room, “Maybe I could make an Olaf costume from the fabric!”.

We celebrated Taran’s birthday today at Kindy. She brought in delicious muffins to share at afternoon tea. The children all sang Happy Birthday to her, before cheerfully sitting together to enjoy the muffins and afternoon tea.

Harper was the fashionista today. She dove straight into the dress up bag. Putting on a pretty pink dress and asking Miss Shannan to tie a loose piece of fabric around her waist, her outfit was almost complete. With astronaut gloves as her chosen accessories, she was ready for the day.

We finished off our rest time today with some super cosmic yoga. In this version of cosmic yoga, the children raced the clock to complete the different poses to finish a mission. Owen – Look I can do it Miss Shannan, I’m the witches caldron!

Thank you everyone for a lovely day, nya-nyah-bu (see you again)

Miss Shannan 😊

I apologise for the lack of photos today, I am having trouble with the system.