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Today we welcomed Hendrix, Harper, Emerson, Ella, Ryan, Millicent, Riley, Ivy and Tate to Kindy 2.

Hendrix, Harper and Ryan began a large game of chase this morning. They gathered together as many friends outside as they could and told Miss Shannan that she was a tiger who would catch them. The yard was filled with so much laughter and squealing this morning as the children took turns as the tiger with Miss Shannan and chased each other about.

We continued on with our sock bunny and sock caterpillar making activity today. The children each picked a sock from the basket and began wadding it full of stuffing. Once it was full, they handed the socks to Miss Shannan and Miss Manuela, and they assisted the children in tying the rubber bands around the socks. Next, the children drew faces onto their creations. The children were all so excited to make and then play with their sock bunnies. Tate decided that he was going to make his bunny for his sister and its name was ‘Sunshine’. Ivy also decided that she was going to make one for her sister. A caterpillar and bunny for herself and another bunny for her sister.

Emerson brought out the Lego and placed it on the table. He began first by separating the blocks and selecting the ones that he wanted to use. He made a small pile on the table in front of him. He then began to work his way around the sides of the boards, lining the edges of the board with bug Lego pieces. He then began constructing towers from the blocks, creating his own miniature city.

The children had lots of fun in the outdoor environment today. In the slides the children extended upon their knowledge of static electricity. Ella and Millicent noticed that their hair kept getting stuck to the slide and asked Miss Shannan what they looked like. She took a photo and showed it them. The girls thought that they looked absolutely hilarious and kept moving around in the slide to make their “hair stick better from the static”.

Ella and Riley were absorbed in their dramatic play this afternoon.  Riley cheerfully selected various cooked and uncooked pieces of food and placed them in different bowls. Ella brought two chairs for the table and placed them side by side before sitting in one. Riley brought the bowls over to the table and sat down. Riley was the daddy eating at the table and Ella was the puppy dog sitting beside him.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful day,

Miss Shannan 😊