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Happy Friday everyone!

Today we welcomed Hendrix, Harper, Bonnie, Millicent, Ryan, Tate, Ivy, Riley, Macy and Christopher to Kindy 2.

Today we continued on with yesterday’s introductions to affirmations. Chris ran over and began pointing out the ones that he remembered, “I am brave, and I am kind”. Miss Shannan explained that there were yoga poses that matched each of the pictures. She demonstrated the poses to the children, explaining how to do them. Once the children were comfortable with their understanding of completing the poses, Miss Shannan taught them the words for each pose. The children cheerfully followed along, saying their affirmations and demonstrating their strength, balance and flexibility. These are the affirmations for anyone wishing to carry on with them at home; I am Strong. I am Brave. I am Wise. I am Kind. I am Friendly.

Outside Miss Storm took the children out in small groups to complete the nail and hammer activity. They each placed their goggles on to protect their eyes and picked up their hammers. Miss Storm placed a piece of wood in front of each of the children along with a nail or two. The children further developed their hand-eye coordination, strengthened the muscles in their hands and learnt the importance of safety and rules in order to safely complete the activity.

Back inside, Riley, Christopher, Hendrix and Ryan enjoyed exploring the peg counting game. On the table were animal cards. On each card was a different collection of animals, along with three numbers written beneath. In this activity, the boys counted how many of each animal was on the card and matched it with the number along the bottom by marking it with a peg. While they were all working through the cards individually, the happily assisted each other when they were unsure and asked for help.

Harper and Macy were busy at the play dough table. They separated the dough out between themselves and were having a conversation regarding what they were thinking about making. Hendrix and Bonnie soon came over to join in, Bonnie decided to mould the dough into a ‘big love heart’ and Hendrix was making cupcakes for Tigger.

Tate was busy getting creative through his craft. He first decided to demonstrate his scissor skills as he shaped a piece of paper into a leaf that he would soon give to his daddy. He then cut out a large triangle to decorate. Ivy soon came over to join him, bringing boxes over with her. Her first idea was to decorate the box, though she soon decided to change its shape by cutting sections away from the box and replacing them with drawings. Millicent and Harper were also displaying their creative sides, drawing and colouring in many abstract and figurative pictures.

In home corner there was a birthday party taking place. Hendrix brought one of the tables over to the mat and used some of the dress up fabrics to create a tablecloth. Millie was the birthday girl cooking up lots of cakes and cupcakes with Macy, Bonnie and Ivy. Their little baby Tate sat beside them all wrapped up in sheets. Riley, Christopher and Ryan were some of the party guests, sitting gleefully at the table as they were served lots of yummy treats.

We have had a wonderful end to the week here at Kindy. Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend. See you next next!

Miss Shannan  😊