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We had a freaky, funky, fabulous Friday today! The children went on lots of little adventures and discoveries through their play today.

Outside this morning, the group enjoyed swinging together on the swings. Harper and Ivy insisted on being the swing pushers, swinging their friends “As high as the trees!”. Ryan had lots of fun enjoying the ride, “Look. Miss Shannan! They are pushing me up near the trees!”.

Owen and Christopher were on the run from King Kong, who was nestled up in the garden bushes watching them. They squealed and roared for the various characters in their play, as they fought away the monsters and saved the day.

Bonnie, Millie, Ivy and Harper all set up a large-scale game of mums and babies. Using the obstacle course as the different parts of their houses and the mats as the ‘comfy beds’.

Ella and Miss Shannan practiced their hula hoop skills. Ella first enjoyed rolling the hoop along the yard and seeing how far it could go. She then asked Miss Shannan to teach her how to spin the hoop around her arm (as Miss Shannan was doing) and was soon a master arm hoop spinner.

Miss Jen was back with Funky Feet today. The children were very excited to move and grove their bodies along to the music. Stretching up high and down low in the warmup and then jumping and wiggling about in the main dance sequence. It was lots of fun!

Tate had fun with the balancing blocks today. He built tall towers and wide towers and a very, very long car, that had “lots and lots of wheels”.

Hendrix really enjoyed the threading experience today. He took his time to make a bracelet and a necklace from himself and for his mum. He was very proud of them and especially liked when they sparkled in the sunlight.

This afternoon the children participated in a painting experience on the veranda. It was a lovely chance to spend some time together as a group and have a chat about the day before the other groups enjoyed us for the rest of the afternoon.

Thank you everyone for another fabulous week. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Ps. Monday is our Happy Holi Festival. Don’t forget to wear beautiful bright colours to celebrate!

Miss Shannan 😊