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Owen and Hendrix created their own small world environment today. They first created a volcano before digging out their own tunnel system that weaved in and under the sand pit tunnel and around the volcano.

Emerson was demonstrating his basketball skills this morning. Taking care, he scaled the large blocks for extra height, before trialling different throws in an attempt for to score. He was very excited when he threw it close and especially when it went in, “Did you see that!?”.

Macy and Luna spent lots of time cooking today. From mixing chocolate cakes to icing strawberry muffins with sprinkles on top. Lots of imagination and deliciousness was taking place out in the mud kitchen.

Ivy, Harper and Taran enjoyed exploring the sensory trough today. Filled with water, sand and sea animals, the girls enjoyed creating their own ‘beaches’ and ‘oceans’ complete with whales and sandcastles on the beach, moving the sand and water around to exactly where they wanted and needed it.

We completed some of our secret Mother’s Day art and craft today. The children expressed their creativity and excitement as they set to work. They can’t wait to take them home to share with you!

In preparation for lunch and setting the table, the children worked together to count how many friends were here at Kindy today and then count out how many plates they needed. We then discussed the different coloured plates and how many of each there were on the table. The children practiced their self-help skills to clear their place at the table, returning their bottles to the trolley and washing up their plates and cutlery.

Miss Shannan😊