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We started off our Friday morning with a dance party, wiggling and giggling to the music. It was a wonderful way to start our day, good vibes all the way.

We made our own playdough today. Miss Shannan assisted the children with mixing the wet ingredients in a bowl before placing the gooey playdough onto the table. The children then mixed in the flour, turning their gooey dough into nice, fluffy playdough. Christopher, Ella and Ryan requested blue playdough, with Tate and Hendrix requesting green. So, Miss Shannan gave them some food dye that they then kneaded into their dough.

Outside the children rearranged the obstacle course again, creating their own ‘maze course’ that moved as they completed it, extending upon their risk taking and gross motor skills.

This morning the children read a book with Miss Shannan. Ivy selected the story. It was about a daddy whose hair was eaten by a dinosaur. The children enjoyed the moments expressed within the story, showing worry, excitement and happiness as the story progressed.

Harper found a dragonfly amongst the animals today, flying it around the room landing on different structures ‘buzzzzzz!’. Owen, Bonnie and Millie went on adventures in the treehouse today with octonauts, dolls and the animals; swinging on the swings and climbing up and down the stairs.

Thank you Kindy for a wonderful Friday. Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you next week.

Miss Shannan 😊