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Welcome to a new week in the Kindergarten Two room. We had a lovely day, here’s a little snip it of what we got up to today.

Rosie and Hendrix requested to make playdough today. Hendrix – “Can you mix the sticky stuff and then we add the flour?”. Miss Shannan brought the sticky playdough out and the children separated it out to themselves and their peers. They eagerly rolled and kneaded the flour into the dough. Macy – I’m going to make a snake. Rosie – I’m making pizza. Hendrix – Look at all my gingerbread people! Armin – I’m making a long worm! Bonnie – Mine has lots of spots. Harper -I folded mine all up.

Using the coloured peg boards, Owen made a big letter O, “That’s the start of my name, it looks like a circle”.  Bonnie and Taran were also busy with the peg boards, making “Swimming pools, with lots of little people swimming in them”.

Home corner was a busy spot this morning, with the doll’s house filled with movement and laughter from the little characters within. At the table, dishes were being prepared and served, and babies were resting nearby, tucked up in their cots.

The children self-selected various coloured pages from the shelves to colour upon and creative with. Name writing was practiced, and many dinosaurs were drawn. Following on from this, the children decided to use the print outs of their names, which they were using for writing assistance, to track down whose name was whose. Asking Miss Shannan when they couldn’t find the owner of the name, and then showing the newly learnt names to their peers, “This one is your name, and this one is mine”.

Luna and Ivy were very excited when they say Miss Hayley opening the door, “Yoga! Yoga! Miss Hayley’s here, we need to tidy up!”. They eagerly tidied up their dolls and the house they had made in home corner and raced to line up at the door. Outside at yoga, the children practiced their mindfulness as they performed their breathing skills and yoga positions. They then went on a dragon hunt around the yard, taking care to stay in their own bubbles, as they climbed and searched around the yard.

Thank you, see you tomorrow!

Miss Shannan😊