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This morning there were many smiley faces as the kindy friends excitedly welcomed each other back. Today we were lucky enough to have Hendrix, Harper, Taran, Ivy, Bonnie, Macy, Luna, Armin, Rosie, Owen and Tate. At our group time this morning we went over as classroom rules to refresh our memories and toured the changes and new things in the room. After talking about heights and comparisons between bigger and smaller we decided to measure ourselves. The children took turns standing back-to-back and stating who was taller. With the help of Miss Shannan, the children worked their way down the line, shuffling around a few times until they felt their line was perfect, “We did it!”. The children stood very proud while Miss Shannan took a photo of their height line.

After the children enjoyed their tasty blueberry slice and bananas for morning tea, they washed up their dishes and then raced into to explore their environment. The new additions to art and craft were the class favourite spot this morning. The children dove into the recyclable’s basket and the collage containers to source what they were after. Driven by their imagination and creativity, many, pictures,  rockets, houses, cars and planets were constructed and decorated.

Over in home corner, some of the children collected the receipts and pencils and walked around the classroom taking café orders. They then returned to the table in home corner to serve up the selected meals to their customers.

Outside the children were very happy to welcome Miss Hayley back. She took them on a meditation journey today, focusing their energy and attention on shiny pebbles and laying flat on the ground to look up at the clouds.

The children also enjoyed participating in a game of target throwing. Using the Velcro creatures and the target, the children took turns aiming and throwing to reach the target, cheering for each other each time it was hit.

During rest time, the Lego was the clear favourite, with the children working together to create many outrageous structures and politely sharing the Lego out evenly between each other. The pebble activity was also very much enjoyed, with the children taking their time to stack the uneven pebbles up and create the complex designs displayed on the play cards.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful day. See you tomorrow!

Miss Shannan😊