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Good Afternoon lovely families…

What a wonderful day it has been, Miss Shannon is away today so Miss Jess from babies 2 has come down to explore and interact with everyone. We started the day off by exploring the room then moving outside with all our kindergarten friends. We had all enjoyed riding bikes, completing the obstacle course, building tall towers, and playing in the sand pit. Afterwards it was time to head inside for group time. During group time Miss Jess had explained what we will be doing today, and we read the acknowledgment to country. Everyone enjoyed listening to the fun activities that had been planned for today. one by one we washed our hands and sat down ready for some morning tea.

Afterwards it was time to explore the yard for some leaves, sticks and flower (if we could find). Ivy, Ryan, Hendrix, Ella, and Christopher had all found some leave in the garden and were excited to stick them onto some paper to make their very own bug. Owen, Bonnie, Millicent, and Tate had all enjoyed exploring the garden as they had seen a frog siting in the garden. They all enjoyed watching the frog and looking for other bugs. After spending some time outside we all enjoyed some time inside playing with home corner, dolls, marbles, and animals. During this time, we listened to some indigenous music which had drums, seed rattles and of course the digeridoo. We all enjoyed the music as some of us were ready for dance class with Miss Jenny. We danced to the dinosaur song and sea animal song. Bonnie, Ivy, Ryan, Millicent, Ella all loved moving and shaking with Miss Jenny while everyone else liked completing some puzzles. We had then move onto some group games with Miss Jess which were scissors, paper, rock and what is in the box? We loved playing these games as we all giggled, smiled, and excited to play some more this afternoon. Afterwards we all enjoyed showing Miss Jess how to do some yoga. Miss Jess also showed us some more stretches we could do at home. Also showed us how to focus on our breathing as we started to settle down for rest time.

This afternoon we hope to explore the yard and interact with our friends, also go exploring for more bugs!

Much Love Miss Jess xoxo