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Welcome back to another wonderful week in the Kindergarten Two room.

We had a special visitor this morning. A fire truck and lots of fireman were parked out the front. They didn’t stay for long, but as they left they flashed their lights for the children. The children were in awe!

We practiced our new food time routine today. When the children are finished with their morning, lunch or afternoon tea, they scrape their rubbish into the bin and then wash up their dishes and place them on the drying rack.

We made a new little friend today, Mr Caterpillar! Mr Caterpillar was hiding under the climbing frame when he was found by Emerson “Miss Shannan! Miss Shannan, there’s a caterpillar look!”. A group of kindy friends quickly raced over to Emerson to have a look at the caterpillar. Miss Shannan reminded the friends not to touch the caterpillar as we don’t know what type he is and he could make us sick. Harper asked what type he is and Miss Shannan said we could look him up. The children raced around to find lots of leaves and grass to give him a nice little home (temporarily) while we found out. Miss Shannan brought her computer outside and together we looked at lots of pictures of caterpillars until the children found a picture they thought resembled their little friend. “What colours can we see on Mr Caterpillar?”. ”Orange” – Luna, “Yellow” – Ivy, “Black” – Hendrix, “White” – Armin. Miss Shannan – “We need to look for a picture of a caterpillar that has all of those colours on it”. We soon found one that we believed was the same as our caterpillar with the children pointing out what parts in the picture matched their caterpillar. With lots more questions about caterpillar, we decided to watch a short clip about a caterpillar hatching into a butterfly. The children were all very intrigued with lots and lots of excited questions. We are going to extend on this interest in caterpillars and butterflies in the coming week.

This morning we had a little swaparoo of science investigation resources with Mr Andrews class. We swapped out our scales for the light box for this week. The children were very excited as they watched Miss Shannan set it up,‘Woahhh! as the lights flickered on. The children were quick to gather around the table and have a turn placing coloured counters onto the box, moving them around and stacking them up. Bonnie soon had all of the counters lined up on the light box, creating her very own rainbow.

After a request for play-dough from the children, Miss Shannan collected the ingredients and brought them outside and placed them on the table. The children assisted Miss Shannan to add the ingredients into the container and then begin to mix them together. Once it was partially combined, the dough was separated out onto the table for each of the children, with more flour placed in the middle. The children added as little or as much flour as they wanted to their dough until they were happy with the consistency. Taran held hers up to Miss Shannan, “Look mine is all sticky!” “Mine too!” said Tate, “And me” said Luna, both holding up their dough covered hands and fingers to prove it.

Miss Hayley came and completed some calming yoga with us today. We went through various movements with our bodies, stretching out and curling up. We also did some breathing exercises where we had to blow the pom poms off of our hands using big breathes and then little breathes so that they didn’t travel as far.

Armin and Harper sat down for a special Chinese New Year themed dinner with our new home corner toys. They practiced cutting up dumplings and mixing together delicious stir fries. Luna decided it was time for a hair cut, pretending to cut and style her hair with the hairdresser play kit.

With a plan in mind, Miss Shannan was approached by a small group requesting ‘paper and lots of colours please’. They situated themselves at the table and soon got to work creating many beautiful masterpieces, with giggles and conversation flowing constantly.

Owen was the puzzle master today, moving around the room completing all of the new puzzles we had out in the room. He took his time carefully placing the pieces into the trays.

What a lovely day we have had today, see you again soon!

Miss Shannan ☺️