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Welcome everyone to our Wednesday blog. Today was a very rainy day so the teachers made sure to set up lots of new and exciting activities for the children to keep busy with and learn from. Exploring physics and the way objects move has been a popular activity for the children so we set up some blocks, tubes and bamboo sticks for the children to make ramps for the balls. This activity was also extended in a different way with special blocks with holes in them that could be made into a marble obstacle course. The children played together and cooperated really effectively to make some awesome obstacles courses for the different balls.

We also brought out the light box again which the children love because they can place so many different objects on it and compare if they are transparent or not. With the coloured counters they could stack different colours to mix them and make a new colour. This prompted some great discussions about how light works and how we see things. Miss Jess has brought in a wonderful science book that has lots of light and colour experiments so I am sure we will explore this topic a lot more.

We tried to get outdoors for a short time while the sun came out but the weather turned quickly again so we had to quickly gather in the tree house for some games including yoga and follow the leader. The children are doing really well at understanding the rules to many different games but at the same time being creative within the constraints of the game. Being able to follow rules and instructions is a crucial skill for children to learn because it means other children will want to play with them more if they are seen as being fair to others.

The children have been doing well adjusting to the new menu but it could help to have a look at some of the foods on the menu and try to prepare them at home with the children so that they get used to them. We have had lots of discussions about where our food comes from and we might do some more in depth activities exploring this topic.

The afternoon began with some quiet relaxation time doing activities like reading and puzzles and we moved towards some more free play activities like construction and water play. Hopefully the weather is nice in the afternoon so we can head outside again but if it isn’t we will fill our afternoon with lots of musical play and group activities.

Thanks for joining us today and enjoy the rest of your day.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess