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Good Afternoon families of the Kindergarten children and welcome to our awesome Wednesday.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcome our fabulous 18 friends to their journey throughout today.

YAYYYY all children were able to explore the great outdoors as it was not raining! All children were all so excited to have spent the morning outside! There was lots to explore and to play with such as the bikes, scooters, free drawing, sandpit fun, lots of different ball games and so much more!!! After the children had their fun outside they all came together to sit on the green grass with Mr Andrew, Miss Jess and our wonderful helper Miss Lily who joined us today. We started off by doing the roll check to ensure all children were accounted before Mr Andrew went through the ABC’S the sounds and how to pronounce them. Children all sang an alphabet song too they did a wonderful job!

It was then time for children to wash their hands and head to the table inside for some scrumptious morning tea.

After their bellies were full, children headed to the green mat for group time. Today in group time Mr Andrew read us a book about snow and the different things you can make with snow! Children were all pretty amazed! We then sang our autumn song before Mr Andrew chose helpers to change the calendar. Before we left the group mat our friend Charlie had something very special to show us. It was a birds nest that happened to fall from the tree and land in her pretend jockeys hand at her house!! HOW EXCICTING! All children were very amazed to see how it was made from sticks and leaves.

Throughout the day children explored different activities and some also chose to participate in some of the table activities too. At the tables we had some more leaf collage happening where children had to cut their pieces out of the coloured paper that they wanted to glue onto their leaves, children enjoyed doing this. At another table Mr Andrew was guiding children who wanted to participate in writing their own name by looking at the letters above and seeing if they could then copy what they saw onto the paper, Mr Andrew offered help to those who needed it. Meanwhile other children enjoyed playing in home corner, role playing with their friends. Some children also enjoyed playing doctors with Miss Jess and they were so engaged in doing so! The connectors, chalkboard drawing and so much more was liked by all children. Children that wanted to also got to come outisde to paint the big BOXES!! They really loved this and let their creatvity side out thats for sure!!!

This afternoon all children were so eager to have a great big play outside before they got picked up. The weather was amazing, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing so nicely that let a fresh breeze come across.

Thankyou Kindergarten for today and see you all soon,

Mr Andrew, Miss Jess and Miss Lily.