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Welcome to our Wednesday blog.

Today we had the wonderful “Miss Vee” to provide some art therapy classes for the children. They thoroughly enjoyed it as she read them stories and then we gathered at the tables for the activity. We rubbed beeswax on the paper (but it was invisible at this stage) , we then painted it with coloured dye and watched as the wax suddenly appeared. Although they used the same materials the range of creations was amazing to see with some colouring spots everywhere and others colouring the whole page.

We fortunately had lots of outdoor time today to enjoy the sunshine and the children enjoyed activities such as water play using the tubs and water pump. The most popular activity outdoors at the moment is sledding down the big green hill on the blue mats. During this activity I see lots of laughs, sharing, team work and also conflict resolution which is great skills for children to practice at this age.

In the afternoon we had a special treat! Carter brought in one of his puppies and everyone had a turn at patting it and asking him lots of questions about it. It sparked lots of discussions about pets at home and was the perfect example of what the share bag is all about.

Other fun activities included musical statues with Miss Jade and also checking on the worm farm and using the waste water to water the plants.

Thanks for joining us today. Enjoy the photos.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jade