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Hello and welcome to Wednesday in the very busy Kindergarten room, we have been creating some self portraits today using the mirror to have a look at our face construction and then drawing what we see. The children tried very hard to match the colours of their faces, Layla tried hard to match the colour of her hair with the coloured pencils.

Later during the morning we also used our cutting skills to make some skeletons, this activity is helping the children to strengthen their fine motor skills as well as their hand eye coordination. We are slowly moving forward with this activity.

We have also started to explore further our Science unit on space with the children exploring what life is like on the International Space Station. The children have had a lovely time exploring these tasks and developing an understanding of what gravity is. This particular project is being enjoyed by the children and they are learning a lot. Jaxon is extremely interested in how the cold planets work and is discovering why the planets are cold. Wynter loves Venus as it is the same size as Earth, whilst Layla is a fan of the giant planet Jupiter. They have shown that they are grasping the concept of planets in our solar system and developing an understanding of what can be found beyond the stars.