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Greetings families and friends of the Kindergarten classroom! Today we have had a wonderful day with lots of fun and social games but also some great learning moments as well. We were indoors this morning exploring card games, board games and drawing pictures with our friends. Hazel, Harper, Charlotte and Kianni absolutely love the “avocado smash” card game at the moment and it is awesome to see them able to play it on their own and keep to the rules.

At group time we played the “spy game” as well as sang some of the children’s favourite songs. We were fortunate to have Marlie and Oli join us from the Pre-Kindy classroom and getting a feel for the room before arriving next year!

Our planned activities today included:

  • Exploring the human body systems – Mr Andrew found a cool resources that looked at the different body systems such as the skeleton, muscles, circulatory system, digestive system etc. It was a great extension to the immunity game we have been playing a lot recently and the children were fascinated with the models and had lots of questions
  • Painting Australian animals – Kianni brought in an awesome book about Australian animals, we read it as a class and discussed the different animals and afterwards did our own artwork with paints while also including some natural materials

In the afternoon we had everyone helping with different jobs to clean the classroom and the children worked together and did such a great job at cleaning dishes, sweeping floors, wiping tables and walls. Well done Kindy kids!

Thanks for joining us today. Have an awesome evening.

Mr Andrew and Miss Otavia