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Welcome to our wonderful Wednesday in the Kindergarten room. Yesterday afternoon a group of the Kindergarten children were playing on the swing and imagining flying all over the world. We visited Egypt and talked about the pyramids and some children had never heard of them before so we went to the sandpit and built some. That moment yesterday sparked the inspiration for today’s theme which was a construction day!

At group time we looked at our “amazing places” book and talked about the different landmarks around the world. After that we set up a different construction activity at each table including coloured blocks, Lego, wooden blocks and other connector activities. The children tried to recreate famous structures around the world including the Eiffel tower, Great wall of China famous castles and the Taj Mahal. Some of the recreations looked very similar which showed that the children were really focusing on the details of each building. The children also love hearing about the stories of how each building was made.

At group time Emmett also shared what he found at his house. It was a bird’s nest! The nest was oval shaped and enclosed on all sides with a small opening and no one had ever seen a nest like that before . We are trying to offer more opportunities for children to be able to speak in front of their peers as is helps their sense of belonging, confidence and also their verbal language skills as they have to convey information in a way that other children will understand. We had a big show and tell after our sandcastle competition as well where the children got to describe what they made to the others. We loved seeing the range of different creations such as houses, volcanoes, tunnels, pyramids and some that were “just a sandcastle”.

Before we made our sandcastle we gathered sticks and leaves from around the playground to decorate our sandcastles. We talked to the children about the importance of reusing things and making the most of natural materials that we have in the playground. We are fortunate with the environment that we have which is an excellent mix of built and natural structures. The children really enjoy being able to be close to nature and it can be.

In the afternoon we will look at some different structures and maybe try and use some recycled cardboard materials to build some buildings that we can display in the classroom. Hopefully we will be able to have families back in the classrooms soon to see all the wonderful creations your children have made.

That’s all for today and enjoy the rest of your evenings.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

Making a castle that looked like the “frozen one” according to Harper

Racket sports have been very popular in the past couple of weeks. Carter struggled at first to get a big hit but got the hang of it eventually

Emmett making the Great wall of China

Collecting sticks for our sandcastles

Kerim made big house and his bucket looked like the Taj Mahal

Charlotte’s sandcastle looked like the Acropolis

A pyramid with a secret pathway inside. Made by Sonni and Reid

Carter’s sandcastle with a nice flat roof

Emmett making his house

Leo pouring some “rain” on his house of sticks and sand

Wyatt made a volcano that was ready to erupt

Eva and Harper being mermaids