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Welcome Kindergarten class to a wonderful Wednesday where we had 21 children enjoying each others company and the also company of Mr Andrew and Miss Jess. The weather has been much kinder to us this week so we have been able to enjoy lots of outside time. The children were very excited to do lots of different ball games with Miss Jess such as “over and under” and passing in a circle.

We has yoghurt and fruits for morning tea and this was enjoyed by most. Afterwards we did some more days of the week practice and the children are getting very good at this so families maybe you could test your children at home (google days of the week Adam’s family tune). We have also started months of the year as well linking to our activity where we painted cakes with our birthdays on them.

Carter brought in a special picture frame that he made at his last centre and this inspired an idea for the teachers where we will do a “share bag” that a child can bring to the centre each week with a special item that means something to them and they can do a show and tell to the rest of the class so look out for this in the future.

We also made some pictures relating to “what I want to be when I grow up” and some of the responses were great to hear. The children drew pictures and we are hoping to display these on our class window soon when everyone has finished.

The children are practicing relaxing after lunch time and doing calming activities such as reading, lying down and breathing and meditating or thinking about things. This is an important time to unwind after busy mornings and reset ourselves for the afternoon ahead.

Thank you Kindergarten class for another wonderful day and it is great to see everyone engaging in the activities and giving everything a try. See you again soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess