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Hello families and welcome to our Wednesday here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre.

Today in the Kindergarten room, Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcomed our blooming friends in with warm smiles, and a big wave as they bounce with joy into the outdoors ready for their day to begin.

WOW time truly does fly by – It’s already APRIL!!!

This morning we said a BIG HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY to our friend EMMETT!! It was also Miss Livia’s birthday too!! Children had a lot of fun exploring the outdoor environment as well to let their imagination flow! Wyatt and Sonni had so much joy playing a chasey game with each other running in and out of the tunnel to climbing the rock wall!! Eva and Kianni LOVED going down the slide! Emmett painted away a lovely picture this morning in the garden area, using his wonderful imagination.

After our morning joy all children helped tidy up the yard before coming together on the grass for a morning tea picnic – how lovely. When all friends had enough food and their tummies were nice and full our kindergarten friends headed to the treehouse for group time. In group time this morning we went through our roll, changed our calendar and spoke about an exciting activity we would be doing. Based on the interest that our friends have in animals and the curiosity about different ones, Mr Andrew came up with a slideshow about African animals as well as talking about where Africa is, what does it look like and the different countries in Africa. This was A FUN topic and children were all so engaged. After our slideshow Mr Andrew than hid different African animals around the yard for our friends to then go on a safari hunt to find. The children absolutely LOVED this and achieved their task at finding them all.

Not long after the children then washed their hands ready for some delicious lunch!!! We made sure they all had really big drinks of water as it is so important to stay hydrated!! After all children had eaten and there tummies were nice and full the sleepers headed to join S.K and P.K to reenergise for this afternoon fun while the non sleepers headed to the tree house to do some quiet activities as they rest their bodies such as problem solving with the puzzles, reading books and making things from the connectors.

This afternoon the children had a great play with all their friends and teachers. They enjoyed kicking soccer goals, zooming around on the bikes and swinging in and out of the breeze on the swing. Such a beautiful afternoon!

Thankyou Kindergarten for today and see you all soon,

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.

My apologise for no photos due to malfunction – please ask Miss Jess if you would like to see some from today.