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Welcome to to our blog today on a wonderful Wednesday. Today we had 17 children ready to start the day in the Kindergarten class. We began our day outdoors where we had some music stations and colouring stations set up. We have been trying to balance our active and sit down activities so that children have the options to choose what they would like to do.

We came indoors and had morning tea and at group time we did our calendar, read some stories and explored the sounds of the didgeridoo. Afterwards we did some colouring, cutting and gluing of our pictures to make our flashcards that pair up with the song “Ants on the apple”. We also coloured in some cards so that we can make our nametags that we will place at lunch times so that the children can continue to recognise their names and the letters in their names.

We also had a fire drill and the teachers were so impressed at how quickly the children gathered by the door and moved quickly but sensibly out to the carpark. Being able to follow instructions quickly helps keep everyone safe and it is great to see the children using their listening skills so well.

After that we had a big play outdoors and enjoyed the sunshine before lunch. The children enjoyed activities like riding the bikes, going down the slides and the outdoor kitchen.

Our afternoon will be filled with some music and games and we will get to go to the double slide playground near the car park which the children absolutely love.

Thanks for joining us today and see everyone again soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess