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Hello and welcome families to our fantastic Wednesday here in the Kindergarten room.

Today we have had another fun indoor/outdoor play! So much fun and excitement was had throughout the day and I cant wait to tell you all about it.

What we did for our morning play –

All children were greeted with a warm smile and a big wave as they headed outside for a ride of fun! There was so much to do such as riding on the bikes to the land of wonder OR playing in the sandpit and exploring their imaginations or engaging in fun sport games and even getting their artistic side out with the crayon drawing on the easel. After our joyful morning all children came together for morning tea and afterwards we had a small group time where we went through our calendar and sang our months of the year song – Miss Jess got it on video for you all to hear how talented we are, we are still in practicing form however we are all pretty clever!

Afterwards we all came inside to do another slideshow but this time on our LUNGS! All children have showed great interest in these slideshows over the past few days and its amazing to hear how much they remember about them too. After speaking about what our lungs do and what they are for we then did an activity showing the oxygen being blown through the lungs to the diaphragm this was done by using two straws to show the lungs and two balloons to show the diaphragm as it expends when oxygen is blown down the straw through the ‘lungs’. Children were so amazed and had a lot of fun learning about our lungs.

All children then headed to the treehouse to do some colour activities with the bean bags with Mr Andrew. We also did orange, yellow, green and blue in sign language as we are implementing that into our day to day language with the children. Lots of songs were sung, bracelets were being made and lots of smiles were shared between one and other. Before we knew it was then time for some scrumptious lunch!!

After lunch the non sleepers enjoyed doing some quiet activities while the sleepers reenergised for the afternoon whirl of fun.

This afternoon all children had some afternoon tea before they bounced off to adventure and explore the outdoors before they get picked up.

What an awesome day it has been and thankyou Kindergarten.

See you all soon,

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.