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Hello to everyone and thank you for joining us on our awesome learning journey today. We welcome back Miss Sunni today who was glad to be back at Kindergarten and playing outdoors with her friends. It is great to see everyone gathering in the morning and catching up with each other and talking about their days. You can see some real friendships growing.

We had Miss Lyn with us today and the children loved playing different board games and construction games with her. She has a nice calm and friendly energy that the children are drawn to.

After playing outdoors we came inside and had a group time where we read stories. The children love to try and predict what will happen next so it has been good to get some new stories that the children have never read before. Stories help develop verbal language skills, letter recognition and visual literacy as well because they have to infer meaning from the pictures. A little tip for the families at home: when you show your child a series of things try and arrange them from left to right so that their brains get into the pattern of reading from left to right.

We also sang some songs and did some dancing. We have tried to do lots of space themed games so we sang “touch the stars”. For our movement games we will do meteor dodging where two people are in the middle and have to dodge the “meteors” (beanbags) that the others throw at them. Our painted planets are almost ready for display, Mr Andrew will add a few details and they will be ready to display in the classroom. This topic has helped extend vocabulary, develop art and craft skills, foster curiosity and has inspired lots of questions and games.

Lunch was popular as it was pumpkin soup, toasties and salad. Afterwards we settled into some quiet activities and the children played in small groups doing things like playing with Lego, making domino patterns, cleaning the classroom by wiping tables and sweeping the floor and also some reading sessions. We have been trying to do lots of letter activities with the children to help improve their school readiness and ability to navigate in the world.

Thank you for joining us today and we will see you again soon!

Mr Andrew and Miss Lyn

Carter spelling his name

Kianni knows her name easily now so we extended and did Ryan and “panda” as well

Sunni loved the outdoor play today, especially all the wild animals. We had big discussions about what they were and their features

The children now wash their dishes after meals and it is great to see them taking so much responsibility for looking after themselves and the environment

Placing our nametags in the new hat rack so we know where to put our hats. We are learning why it is important to look after our belongings.