Welcome Kindergarten friends and families to our Wednesday blog.

The children arrived today with big smiles on their faces and ready for a new day. There were plenty of interesting construction activities in the yard and the children were busy building some awesome creations like houses, transformers and even a “beehive”.

This morning we had an exciting surprise for the children . . . A bouncy castle!!! It was just a small one so we took it in turns but the children loved bouncing around and releasing some energy. It is an awesome sensation to be able to bounce so high and the children absolutely loved it.

After the bouncy castle we continued our morning activities which included some more sequence games. This time we lined everyone’s drink bottles up and while the children weren’t looking we swapped two of them around and they had to try and notice which ones were changed. Unsurprisingly the children noticed when their own drink bottles had been swapped so we asked them one at a time and that became a little harder. Understanding patterns and being able to notice changes in those patterns is an important foundational skill for future mathematical skills. Again Harper loved this activity and was very keen eyed to notice the changes.

Our story time today was about trains and the inside cover page prompted lots of discussions. It was a page of different signs and symbols and we discussed what they mean and where we might find them. Kerim said he had seen the wheelchair accessible sign when he went to the mall. I challenged the children to ask their families about any signs they see and what they mean so be prepared for this in the future. This could become another big topic in the classroom and will be great for learning their numbers (especially higher numbers up to 100).

Following on from the children’s interest yesterday afternoon in the “long jump” activity we did, we decided to do a Riversdale Olympic Games today. We talked about what the Olympic games are and we painted the Olympic logo. We also painted some bronze, silver and gold medals which we will hand out this afternoon at the medal presentations after all of our events.

Before lunch we managed to do discus and shotput and there were some HUUUUUUGE throws from the children (measurements in mm). We used this opportunity to talk about measurement and why it might be important to measure something. Mr Andrew brought his measuring tape so we could get some precise measurements and some of the throws went even further than the tape could reach! Interestingly the same children were near the top for shot put and discus showing that they obviously have proficiency in throwing so it will be interesting to see how the running and jumping events go this afternoon.

Thank you Kindergarten for such a wonderful day and see you again soon.