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Welcome to Wacky Wednesday- just kidding welcome to Wonderful Wednesday.

We have had a great time welcoming our new friend Sage into our classroom, he has made lots of friends and the children have enjoyed showing him the different things ion the classroom.

The group have enjoyed reading the book Rainbow Serpent toady as we explore Aboriginal Culture, this has lead to a discussion about how different animals were made. We will expand this through the further look into dreamtime stories. To continue the current topic the children have coloured and created some hand prints for the classroom wall. These prints have been designed to represent the children, the colouring circle that the children created was lovely to watch as they engaged in some interesting story telling.

We have also looked at how our body works today discussing how our lungs take in Oxygen, Layla loved holding her breath and was very happy to be able to hold her breath. Hamilton discussed that you have to take a big breath when you go underwater. This activity has helped the children to develop an understanding of how their body works.

The children will finish their afternoon off by looking at the Solar System and a play outside.

Have a great evening


Miss Sharon and her munchkins( as voted by the children)