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Greetings everyone and welcome to our Wonderful Wednesday here in the Kindergarten class.

We have had a very busy day with a range of different activities so let us share what we did today.

In the morning we had our art therapy class with Miss Vee that focused on how to feel peaceful which I think had some awesome strategies in it that we will work on with the children. Afterwards we did some stormy rain pictures using corks as paintbrushes.

Xavier, Emmett, Wyatt and Braxton all went off to Little Big Sport soccer and they loved it and it is cool to see them come back with ideas to do with their friends later in the playground.

We played in the afterschool care playground for a little while doing lots of hoops games which the children have been very creative with by making their own games. We did some tapping stick songs and Charlotte started using them to make shapes so that became the next big game where we explored with lots of different shapes.

in the afternoon we had some indoor outdoor flow between the classrooms which was nice as it allowed some more free choice for the children and allows them more space to relax and wind down a little after lunch.

Later in the afternoon we will be in the carpark playground where the children love their chasing games, ball games and dance parties. It also has great climbing opportunities on the walls and trees.

Thanks for joining us today and see everyone again soon!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

Adding leaves to our Family Kinship tree