Welcome to our Wednesday blog everyone. We have been enjoying the sunny weather this week with lots more outdoor play and the creek has been a very popular play area. This morning some of the children learnt a new game called “Yahtzee”. We have to roll the dice and put aside any that are matching. It is great for number recognition and small counting as well.

In the morning we also had our art therapy class with Miss Vee and Miss Mackenzie where we did some amazing bubble wrap art with glitter to extend on our story about the rainbow fish earlier. The usual group went to Little Big Sport soccer and have been showing off their soccer skills to others when they come back.

We also did some catching and throwing games using our alphabet soup cans. “Aim for the letter S” the teachers would say and the children would fire their bean bags trying to knock the can down. Reid and Xavier continued this activity on their own and made a massive tower of cans that they enjoyed knocking over.

In the afternoon we enjoyed water play, playdough, books and letter matching activities. With a big group of our children going to school next year we have increased the amount of writing and letter and number games we have been doing to try and get them ready for prep.

Later in the afternoon we were up at the double slide playground where we enjoyed some colouring and ball games.

See you again soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess