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Good afternoon and happy middle of the week everyone hope you all had a great day.

This morning we had fun in the kindergarten we had morning Tea outside and then we transition for group time with Miss Emma were she discuss what we would like to do today. Jaxson said play with play-dough, Hamilton said make play-dough with Miss Sarah, Sage said play-dough with Miss Sarah, wynter play with play-dough with Miss Sarah and puzzles, Greyson and Layla said play with play-dough and Liam wanted to do painting. we also continuing our discussion about what makes us feel angry, and what can we do if we are feeling angry.

MIss Sarah made play-dough with, Layla,Jaxson, Hamilton, Greyson, Harper and sage Miss Sarah asked what colour play-dough and we made Green play-dough. while we where making playdough with Miss Sarah some of us where with Miss Emma exploring art using a variety of open-ened materials to introduce them to different ideas of art instead of paint so we used coloured stones where they can create there own picture.

We also had great time at the Mr Paramedic show with Pablo the bear he taught us how to do CPR, and what number we had a call for emergency and Mr paramedic called out who knows the number for paramedic and Sage called out TRIPPLE 000.

we hope you all have great afternoon from Miss Emma and Miss Sarah and the Kindergarten children.