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Hello everyone,

Welcome to a Wonderful Wednesday!

This morning was filled with lots of physical play and soaking up some vitamin D! We climbed, rode, jumped, dug, ran and played amongst our yard with all of our friends 🙂 A few remembered there was a special show today but we kept it a secret surprise for some of the children and they eagerly awaited the beginning of the show.

Charlie the paramedic came in and talked to the class about looking out for serious accidents and what classifies as an emergency. Connor had a great answer when Charlie asked “when do we need to call an ambulance?” he said “When someone is really sick”. It prompted lots of discussions about the different between a small accident and an emergency. We talked about calling 000 in emergencies and practiced on the phone talking about what type of emergency service to ask for, how to describe the situation and also where we are located. Our focus over the next week might be learning our addresses and what our Kindergarten is called. Knowing facts like this help to build a sense of identity and pride about where we come from and it can also be useful in emergency situations.

During the show we practiced checking if someone is breathing and if so putting them in the recovery position. If not then we need to call and ambulance and begin CPR. The children had great technique when trying the CPR and it was a great way to test out the muscles.

We went outside again just before lunch and had some fun in the shady areas of the playground like the swing, the sandpit, under the verandahs and in the tree house. The children are really taking on the messages about being sunsmart and showing great responsibility to look after their hats, ensuring they put sunscreen on and also drinking plenty of water. Independence is a huge focus in the Kindergarten classroom as they will be required to look after their needs more when they go to prep.

In the afternoon we plan to have a music session with action songs and musical games to test out their gross motor skills and foster some creative dance moves. Dancing is a great avenue for developing confidence around others as well so is very important to our Kindergarten curriculum for fostering friendships and building confidence around each other.

Thanks for joining us today and we will see you all again soon.

Mr Andrew, Miss Tatyana and Miss Lara